Valerie Wilson

Valerie WilsonValerie J. Wilson is the founder of Essence Learning, a business solution, focused on building personal, professional and organizational excellence through learning, coaching and strategic planning. Essence Learning collaborates with their clients to identify solutions that are best suited to develop, grow and maximize their performance.

For over two decades, Valerie has focused on leveraging diversity in the workplace to drive business results through a creative, innovative and highly talented workforce. She helps organizations to foster an inclusive workplace, using a systematic strategy that threads through the organization and includes hiring, coaching, developing and retaining top talent from diverse experiences, ethnicities, genders, abilities and cultures.

In her former role, as Executive Director of Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion, Valerie was the senior executive expert and advisor for learning and development and diversity and inclusion strategies. She was responsible for maximizing the workforce effectiveness for close to 10,000 employees across the globe. Valerie, with a team of professionals, effectively executed the business initiatives for performance management, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and community involvement.

Valerie is a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional, President of the Greater San Antonio Diversity Advisory Board and alumni Board Member of the Texas Diversity Council. As a community leader and D&I consultant, Valerie collaborates closely with the National Diversity Council, Texas-based corporations, Non-profit organizations and Community agencies. Together they build alliances, partnerships and leverage resources to nationally advance the work of diversity and inclusion.